3M Filter Installation and Care


Ideal for displays with edge-to-edge glass, optically clear attachment strips are applied directly onto the filter before attaching to the device screen. Washable and removable, attachment strips allow for easy filter removal, cleaning and reattachment.

  • Illustration of attachment strips on a privacy filter for laptops
  • Illustration of attachment strips on a privacy filter for touchscreen devices and tablets
  • Illustration of attachment strips on a privacy filter for monitors

How to Apply

  • Illustration of attachment strips
  • Illustration of attachment strip lining up to edge of privacy filter
  • Illustration of attachment strip applying to privacy filter by pressing
  • Illustration showing how to remove liners from attachment strips after application
  • Illustration of a privacy filter attaching to screen by attachment strips

Note: Depending on the size of your display, you may not need to use all attachment strips. For larger than average displays, use additional strips provided in your package and apply as instructed.


  1. Peel off strip from the clear backing.
  2. Apply strip to one edge on the back of the filter.
  3. Attach slowly and run your finger across strip to remove bubbles and adhere to filter.
  4. Apply all required strips before peeling off blue liners.
  5. Avoid touching the adhesive as you line filter up and attach to screen.

How to Remove


  • Use the thumb notch to grab hold of the filter and slowly pull it towards you to remove from the display.
  • For permanent removal or to replace attachment strips, use a fingernail to peel back the edge of a strip, then roll up the adhesive.

Tips for Optimizing Use


  • Remove the filter from the device before cleaning and moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with ammonia-free glass cleaner to wipe away fingerprints, smudges and dust.
  • Clean attachment strips by running them under water and rubbing with your finger. Let dry before reattaching to display.